Yes you can measure how your Business Facebook Page is performing


With the recent 'Page Insights' addition to Facebook it is very user-friendly to monitor and gauge how your social media posts are performing.


Social Media is essential for any business and in particular for anyone wanting to establish a strong brand presence and build brand rapport with their customers.

I think small and medium size business owners here in Australia are finally coming to this realisation, but still may have some skepticism. Is it a truly worthwhile exercise? they ask. Their skepticism is also fueled by how difficult it has been to measure social media activity. 


It is worth noting at this point that by no means am I suggesting Social Media is a sales tool. It's not. It's a social platform where people like to interact, explore, be entertained etc. And now more than ever (where customers have control over the majority of the media they consume), brands must be 'available' and present at as many relevant touch-points with a customer as possible.

Here is a useful video to give you a quick tour around the 'Page Insights' tool on Facebook:

Not every business is suited to Facebook for marketing their brand. Many businesses are though and given the huge audience and consumers interacting on this platform - it is worth serious commitment to get your brand presence right. I know many businesses that have a business Facebook page but not many that have set out a strategic plan to identify the target audience they want to reach, the goals they want to achieve (and I am not talking sales decisions here) and the roll out of posts they are going to make (including timing of posts).

Like any activity - if you don't identify your goals and your plan for how you will achieve these goals upfront and then measure these - you are wasting your time.

Visual Strategies are currently helping our clients to build a plan for their social media and identify how this is going to integrate with their other brand marketing activities. Keeping a consistent brand promise and experience is essential to your businesses success. And now with great tools such as this 'page insights' data on Facebook you can easily monitor, measure and tweak your activity according to what is providing the greatest results in terms of engagement and reach gained for your target audience. 

I thought I might leave you with this great infograph from Google here (below). Here at Visual Strategies we are firm believers in integrated Brand and Marketing activities. Every other day I am talking about 'maximising your digital footprint' to capitalise on customers behaviours today in their purchasing considerations and decisions. This infograph illustrates how your social media activities have a direct impact on the 'sales funnel' process.Today there are many touch-points a consumer has with a brand before they get to making a decision. In the diagram below 0.5 'Direct' is your web site... so if you thought it was enough just to have your web site... perhaps reconsider now!

Chat with us here at Visual Strategies about how we can assist in effectively taking your brand into the social space to be one of the brand options that your customer knows of and is willing to consider... even before they intend on making a purchase! (If you're not there... your customers will be and most probably they will end up with the sale!)

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