Worth the effort to get the Corporate Identity right


Pure Botanical Health's brand evolution...

When Anglela, owner and founder of Pure Botanical Health came to us she was feeling a little let down. Angela had decided after 2.5 successful years of the business - it was time to evolve the corporate identity (pictured above 'Then...' logo) to cater for the businesses improved service offerings, growth plans and market positioning.

The reason for feeling disappointed about this process was due to a failed rebrand attempt prior to coming to us. Credit to Angela for knowing that the proposed new brand logo concepts were not correct for her business and therefore she acted upon a referral she was given to us here at Visual Strategies.

"After being in business two and a half years I had really established the core foundations and philosophies of my company and so I decided that I wanted to create a brand / logo that represented this and that was memorable and unique. I needed it to incorporate as much of my business and truly represent me and my business visually. 

Before finding Louise, from Visual Strategies, I was recommended another graphic designer who attempted to design my logo .... I was very disappointed, my business and I were not being represented like I had desired. To be honest I should have expected that, as there was no personal one-on-one contact, it was all done via email not to mention the low price which reflected the low quality of design.

After this disappointment I found Louise who I had seen her designs and liked. Louise was very professional right from the word go, she came to my clinic and sat down and listened to what my business was all about, she went away and did some investigating on my industry and current images that was representing my business and then designed the very best logo for my business, I was thrilled, the new design represented me and my business so well, and the soft unique feel to the logo was very unique (not just a random picture cut out).

Louise managed to incorporate my business name and identity into the logo so that the logo and business name can become synonymous. I was grateful to have been recommended Louise! Thank you Visual Strategies".  

Thank you Louise. You are amazing!

Kind regards,

ND Angela Jane Baldovin

Naturopath & Nutritionist
BAppSc. (Nat) GradDip. (Nat)

Visual Strategies were happy to start from scratch and deploy our proven strategic brand & corporate identity approach. Identifying the existing brand of the business (from values, personality, customer experience, reputation, current customer perception, post customer relationships) to the growth goals of the business and identifying what characteristics the Corporate Identity should incorporate from now and into the immediate future. 

In true form - through our briefing process we identified elements that needed to be addressed though they had not been briefed to us. Via our consulting approach we left no stone unturned including how the business positioning was presented (within the corporate identity).This meant questioning the current business descriptor and tagline.

In the end, the presentation of just 1 concept was all we needed to present and it hit the mark! (pictured at top 'Now.') The new corporate identity was designed and perfect for Pure Botanical Health and Angela felt completely comfortable and confident to implement it within the business straight away.

If you would like to meet with me or our team to discuss your Corporate Identity and Branding needs, we invite you to contact us. Your business is worth too much to not do it justice in its race within the market-place.