Illustration Design for a Dog Vending Machine!


We truly thrive on diversity in our projects! Visual Strategies developed a brand and facia decals for a new product: Dog Wash Vending Machine!

It is a lovely way to stay enthusiastic about coming to work because there is always another industry, or product, or type of brand personality to work on!

And while the diversity continues to thrive in our current work-in-progress, we thought this recently completed unique project was worth sharing with you.

The project was to design a new product brand and then the facia decals for a self-serve vending machine for Dog Washing. This is a growing market and our client was keen to develop a product that visually (and in performance), sets a new professional and user-friendly standard in self-serve dog wash services. 

The brief was to develop a dog cartoon character having a bath. Our creative approach was to develop a picture of fun!

Cartoon style illustration and bright colours will draw customers to this machine and clear information graphics were implemented so that within a glance the customer can see just how simple this machine is to use! (this was also important as the instructions on the machine had to stand-alone with no customer service support). Would the dogs also find this 'wash cycle - doggy spa' appealing?? Well time will tell on this one!

Our Sydney based client was very pleased with the results and stated that their inter-state customers were pleased beyond their expectations during sell-in phase! 


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