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We recently launched Home Specialist Property Management website

Just before Christmas we were pleased to launch the Home Specialist Property Management website. They are one of our valued clients and this was one of the latest projects we have done for them.

Louise and her team have worked on their new brand (design of logo) - launching earlier last year, through to rolling out the brand through various marketing and promotional materials.

Design and development of their website was been an important step in our client's marketing plans.

This website has been built with ultimate user-friendliness and also practicality for Home Specialist Property Management. We wanted to enable our client to use this site as a very active tool in their daily business activities and in achieving their marketing goals.

Built on our VS Online Business Console platform - the site has a content management system that allows our client to update news announcements, property listings, sales, customer information sheets, client testimonials and more with ease and efficiency. This kind of information changes on a daily basis so it was paramount that the client could easily manage the updates.

Louise and her team conducted alot of customised site development to build tailor-made applications on the VS CMS platform - tailored specifically for 'Real Estate' and more specifically our client - that specialise in real estate property management.

We commenced the project with strategy and planning - to establish a site structure that tailored to our client's 2 key target audiences: Property Investors and Tenants! These two target audiences have very different needs and our client also needs to be 'servicing and selling' to them with very different approaches while maintaining a consistent brand presence.

Through development of a completely tailored sitemap right down to the site's functionality in modules, the one site is successfully servicing and achieving our client's goals for both Property Investors and Tenants.

We were able to provide some great savings through use of the already developed and powerful online business tools of the VS Online Business Console while still completely customising both the branding, look and feel, graphics and specific functions of the site.

Being the Central Coast's Branding Specialists, Louise and her team lead every project with the brand in mind. This is why every website that Visual Strategies develops looks unique and offers a unique experience for the end-user.

The result is sites that are more appealing, compelling and instigate more interaction and returned visits from our clients' customers.

The Home Specialist Property Management website also cuts down on our client's administration/customer service by providing forms and downloadable information to manage tenant enquiries for things such as 'repair requests'.

We have also setup web forms to manage new sales enquiries and value-add services such as 'rental appraisals'. By building all this functionality into the website - the site is effectively carrying out sales activity and when a customer/prospect enquiry is submitted, our client is notified immediately via sms/email.

There are workflow notifications setup to manage the various enquiries coming in from the site so our client doesn't have to worry about missing a customer enquiry and importantly they are always up to date with new business leads!

All the while - their customer database is being built and customer profiles are being elaborated on within the site's CRM database for future targeted marketing campaigns.

So the site not only presents a strong brand presence online... it offers customers and prospects a pleasant experience - just like the Home Specialist Property Management team do! This website is an extension of their business... online.

We are currently working on a tailored online promotion within this site - the site offers so much flexibility.

If you are interested in how our VS Online Business Console can transform your business online, contact us for a chat - Louise and her team are here to help!