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07-Jan-2010 Here is one of our latest website projects - you can check it out at

This website was built using our Visual Strategies Online Business System. It was the perfect fit for this project because our client needed to be able to update many areas of the site on a frequent basis such as uploading new literature including forms, rosters, information leaflets etc. And also updating news items, events calenders, image galleries and more.

The beauty of implementing the Visual Strategies Online Business System meant they could get all of these features and more at an economical cost and also gave them control of their website. They can update and maintain their website themselves! We are currently training up their staff to do this!

When we were talking through initial strategies for this site the client realised that their existing logo was well overdue for an update and so we first designed a new logo for them and the website concept then evolved from this new image. The design and layout of the site is completely customised for their brand.

The client is able to view detailed reports of who is visiting their site, what pages are being viewed, who is subscribing to their newsletter, sending enquiries, view their customer database and more!

To visit this website go to

If you are interested in the Visual Strategies Online Business System and how you can have a fully customised website without the overheads of a completely customised online solution built from the ground up, give us a call. As you can see here - we also design great logos! Is your business profile up to scratch?