Central Coast Conservatorium of Music New Logo


VS Wins the pitch for the design of their new Logo...

The Central Coast Conservatorium of Music were planning to upgrade their logo and branding. Basically the existing (now old) logo (pictured right) no longer truly represented the organisation as a whole. 

They were also keen to update the look and image to one that was alot more professional, that created a unique and strong presence and was a true reflection of the organisation. Not to mention have a logo that was practical in application. 

The project was put out to pitch with many designs being reviewed. Visual Strategies were approached after the first round failed to produce any results. A couple businesses were involved in the second round of pitches including ourselves and it was our design that won and is now being rolled out. 

"I loved working on this project - being a lover of Music and a local here on the Central Coast provided good insight into the Branding needs of the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music" said Louise.

VS design of the new logo...

The new design reflects the essence of what CCC do... and that is Music. The old logo (featuring a violin) portrayed string instruments but what about all the other instrument and styles of music that the CCC offer? 

The Treble Clef is a key symbol of music. The key challenge was to develop a design that was a unique representation of the Treble Clef - a design that could truly be owned by CCC and therefore could effectively be their new logo. 

The letters of 'CCC' are abstractly represented in the dynamic circular lines of the Treble Clef on the left. The dynamic and modern icon with typography that works with it forms a strong new brand image for the CCC. 

The new logo also offers alot of flexibility in format. A suite of versions of the logo have been developed for various applications including being able to use the graphic icon on its own. The important thing is - the brand will be consistent where-ever and which ever version from this suite is used. 

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The Central Coast Conservatorium of Music is a community based music training and education organisation. It is offering unique Step by Step Programs for all ages and abilities.