Promo Video for Home Specialist Property Management


Simple but effective - taking the opportunity to create a promotion video from a seminar

Check out the video (below)  

When our client Home Specialist Property Management were hosting a Wealth in Property seminar last month, I took the opportunity to suggest we create a concise and dynamic promotional video to capitalise on the event ongoing.

Video is the most popular medium online and it also is a great way to communicate alot in a short time and be entertaining also. 

Visual Strategies have recently been doing collaborative work with a world renowned photographer Stephen Kearney - now a Central Coast local himself and he is now also doing fantastic videography work here in Australia.

We attended the seminar to capture the footage and I made a point to capture some candid 'reviews' from people straight after the event. We kept the background noise of the event and simply captured these testimonials on the spot to maintain that authenticity and evidently live footage of the seminar. 

Post production of the video, editing, adding some up-beat music and branding produced a nice little promotional video that our client has now posted on their website and will also be fed through their social channels. This video will also be used in advertising the next seminar that our client will host. It is a great way to build brand awareness, build rapport with value-add and credibility as a leader within your industry.

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